3 Easy Steps To Unlock The Lime Bike And Start Ride Immediately 

  1. Download the Lime Bike app either on Google Play (android device) or App Store (apple device).Once the app has been downloaded onto your phone, sign up with your email and credit card. Make sure the GPS is turned on in your phone and use the Lime Bike app to locate bikes near by. When the bikes are located, take a picture of the code on the bike to unlock the bike on the app.

  1. Enjoy what San Diego has to offer and cruise your bikes all through our city. Since the bike launch was deployed in Downtown, I highly suggest that you ride along Harbor Island to get a view of the San Diego Skyline or to the Port of San Diego where you will be able to pass by the USS Midway, a historic piece to our city.

3.Once you are done riding, make sure the bikes are parked wherever a bike is allowed. Don’t forget to lock up the bike after you’re done riding because you’ll be charged until the lock switch on the bike locks, which is located on the back of the bike.