As of July 10th, the Port of San Diego officials have accepted the proposal to construct two restaurants next to the Coronado Ferry Landing Center. The Restaurants are expected to cost up to $6 million just to build.

Restaurants have yet to be chosen for the building but competition is expected to build up for the opportunity to hold a venue at the new construction. The expected construction date is set for early January of 2019. This project has been in discussion for the past two years. The Developer for this project is the San Diego-based Ferry Lading associates, if you haven’t heard of them, their made up of the same ownership group as Flagship Cruises and events.

The project will include a single-story, 7,500-sqft building with an outdoor patio and seating. Capacity level for inside the building is around 190 customers, and 110 outside. Will also accommodate for limited parking in Downtown with 269 parking spots. The building is said to have large glass windows to maximize views along with, reflective roofing, sliding and retractable doors, and a vegetation wall. Construction is expected to take nine months and winning restaurants will be released soon. For further information on this construction, feel free to visit the link below