Name: Emma Gray

Location: Prospect Heights — Brooklyn, New York
Size: 430 square feet including the entryway
Years lived in: Owned! I’m a brand new homeowner (eek!). Just 2 months, but it feels like much longer!

After living in her last apartment with a roommate for about six years, Emma decided she was ready to purchase her first home. “I kind of thought I’d rent forever,” she says. “But when my roommate of six years and I decided we wanted to give living alone a go, I saw the insane rental prices of one bedrooms in New York and thought that if I could find a one bed to buy (on the cheaper end of the market), it might be worth doing that.” When she walked into this space, she says it felt like the couple who owned it before had made their renovations with her tastes in mind—and she fell in love. “Like with a life partner, when you know you know,” she says.

The Senior Women’s Reporter at HuffPost moved into the space about two months ago and already feels like it’s just about done. Emma shared that she had a rough couple of months when she moved in—so she shifted her focus and energy into getting the space exactly how she wanted it as quickly as she could.


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