Once upon a time, we picked out mattresses in a maybe hour-long visit to a mattress store. Now, with the advent of beds-in-a-box and direct-to-consumer, online-first companies, where you rest your head at night feels like more of a a lifestyle choice. Parachute now sells mattresses that vibe with their all-natural, California aesthetic. Casper, which started with the one perfect mattress model, has expanded their line to include sheets and pillows and even sells a lamp that touts better sleep. Eight Sleep, an NYC-based start-up, takes the overall sleep wellness model even further. Billing itself as a “sleep technology” company rather than just another mattress destination, it feels a bit like if Nike tried to get in on the bed game. This isn’t just about a better night’s sleep, it’s about becoming a better sleeper and, by extension, better at whatever you want to be.

Named as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018, Eight Sleep’s first Smart Mattress was also a TIME top invention of 2018—and was featured on our very own list of the best mattresses. Their latest product takes that smart technology and adds a truly game-changing feature for hot sleepers. Called the Pod, it’s more than a mattress; it’s a full system that combines temperature regulation, biometric tracking, sleep coaching, and smart home connectivity designed to give users their ideal eight hours of sleep a night plus much more.


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