Name: Sarah Litvinchuk and Andy Litvinchuk, and our five kids are Apollo (10), Shaiden (7), Sailie (6), Abrie (3), and Adelaide (10 months). And our kitty, Jones.
Location: Mountain House, California
Size: 2,402 square feet
Years Lived In: 3 years, renting

Our home has always been my favorite place to be—over the past eight years we’ve lived in five different ones, and this one I’ve put the most of “my touch” into. I’ve come to know how important it is for me to love the home we’re in, and as a mom I’m better at my job if the place we spend most our time is pleasant. I’m a homebody, all the way, which is fitting as I stay at home with my kids. We do rent, but thankfully I’m married to a guy who not only supports my hobby/work as a mom and interior “insta blogger” but also gets my passion for design—and just happens to be a contractor (score!)! We both decided together that if we can’t buy right now due to the price of homes where we live, that we’d put our passions together to make our rental more functional and beautiful for our family.


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