Amassing enough cash for a down payment on a house could be considered one of our generation’s greatest day-to-day struggles. There are some clever ways to come up with a sizable chunk of change in a relatively short period of time (crowdfunding, dipping into your Roth IRA, for example)—but nothing is as expert-approved as just saving a bit of money every month.

But that, of course, is a challenge in itself: There are so many expenses competing for your dollars already! But if you can save money on some of the most common drains on your wallet, you can redirect more of that cash toward your down payment. The first step? Identifying what unnecessary expenses are sucking up your cash. Thankfully, doing this can be as easy as downloading an app or two.

Here, I’ve rounded up seven lesser-known money saving apps (six of them are free!) that can help you effortlessly save more money every day. Before you know it, your down payment savings account will be a bit more full, bringing you that much closer to closing on your first home.


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